Attorney Aylin Beliz YILDIRIM

Winning is not everything but everything starts with a will to win.
I did not wait for the time to be “just right”,
I started where I stood and worked with whatever I had in my mind.
Things in my mind and by my side augmented as I went along.
I did not take on any task that I did not believe in. I never left the path to justice.
I won many cases.
Let us work together, let us succeed together. Let us win, not the unlawfulness.



Consult your lawyer, not commercial consulting companies. According to Turkish Law No. 1136, only lawyers can provide attorneyship and legal consultancy services.

Your own statute: contracts. Get the help of highly experienced experts in the arrangement of contracts to prevent potential problems before they occur.

We provide consultancy in terms of legal compliance of all kinds of commercial transactions of your company, we carry out legal processes practically and quickly.

A new concept in our life: "Personal Data". Be ready to learn about your rights and obligations under the Law on Protection of Personal Data.

It may be difficult to contact public administrations in person. Claim your rights as an individual in the rule of law before the public authority.

We provide legal consultancy in Turkish law and international law to our Turkish and international clients in both English and Spanish languages.

It's time to invest. If you are a tenant yet, know your rights, be one step ahead. In case of expropriation, learn about the low price appeal procedure.

Your psychological burden may be heavy with lots of question marks in your mind. You are not alone in carrying out the legal process. Benefit from an expert perspective.

You deserve the best defense. What could be more valuable than your freedom? Accused or victim, we are with you until justice is served.

Defective product, refunds not made, not being able to find someone to answer: these should not make you lose your sleep. Get professional support on consumer rights.

Debts and receivables: that's the point. Periods are crucial! Act immediately not to lose your rights. We provide solutions for seizure or against seizure.

As an employee, do you know your rights? If you are an employer, what are your liabilities and risks? Don't get lost in decision-making moments.

Consult your lawyer regarding malpractice compensation and criminal proceedings. Legal evaluation based on precedent cases will be guiding.

Why Us?

We prioritize establishing a mutual trust environment. We attach great importance to being available to our clients at all times.

We work with a practical and solution-oriented approach. We consider a strong communication as a must , we are of the same mind with you.

We pursue your cases devotedly; from the first stage to the last stage. You will be provided all services which are legally possible.

Legal consultancy with expertise and experience is everything. We make no concessions on our professionalism and quality principle.

Ask Anything Now

You can benefit from the legal services for your work through the contact us section.

Seek different perspectives on your legal problem. Get professional help.

Request a review of your files, Turkish or English contracts by sending e- mail.

Our remuneration policy is determined in accordance with the Turkish Law No. 1136.

What Our Clients Say

A satisfied client is the best reference.

Consult Us

Our advocacy and legal consultancy service is paid in accordance with the Attorneyship Law. Questions are not answered by phone. To get information about our services, you can contact us by filling out the form or by phone call between 09:00 - 18:00 on weekdays.

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