Administrative & Tax Law

Frequent changes of legal regulations within the scope of administrative and tax law requires everyone to make compulsory transactions with public institutions and be obliged to pay taxes, and from time to time, this causes conflicts between individuals and the state. Sometimes, when the taxpayers do not show the necessary and sufficient care in the fulfillment of their tax obligations, the public administrations pursue their receivables. But sometimes the public administrations may take an administrative action against the taxpayer in a wrong and illegal way.

It may be difficult to contact public administrations in person. Get professional help when seeking your rights as an individual before the public authority.

We offer legal solutions in all kinds of disputes that may arise between public administrations and individuals, such as writing applications to administrative units and appeal petitions, filing full judicial and annulment cases in administrative courts and the Council of State, collecting receivables from the administration, participating as your attorney in settlement negotiations to resolve tax disputes, filing a lawsuit, objection to tax penalties.