Private International Law

We provide consultancy to our foreign clients inside and outside Turkey on Turkish Law, with our command of advanced English and intermediate Spanish language skills. Likewise, we provide consultancy to our Turkish clients inside and ourside Turkey in their international disputes, by the virtue of a wide knowledge on international law.

We are closely involved in law of citizenship and law of foreigners. We provide support for not only lawsuits and administrative transactions, but also consular transactions.

Turkish citizenship, work and residence permit in Turkey, issues between Turkish citizens and foreigners such as marriage, divorce, custody of children, property acquisition by foreigners, social security (SGK) transactions to be done in Turkey, recognition, implementation and enforcement of foreign court decisions, apostille commentary, nullification of the deportation orders, temporary legal protection and international protection applications and process monitoring, judgement of foreigners in criminal cases in Turkey, do not let these complicate your life. Even highly intellectual people cannot solve every personal issue themselves. This is never a deficiency. Some works are easier with experience and support. Get support from a qualified lawyer for a solution.