Health Law

With the development of technology and the spread of privatization in the field of medicine, legal disputes in this field have started to come up frequently. Health law or medical law has come into our lives in order to defend the rights of both health institutions providing services and individuals receiving services.

Legal consultancy is very important for the institutions serving in the health sector, the doctors , the healthcare personnel working in these institutions and for the individuals who receive health services, to act with the awareness of their rights. Related issues need to be examined together with administrative and criminal law. Therefore, expert legal knowledge and experience are required.

We provide legal support on many issues such as crimes that may be committed by healthcare professionals, administrative and criminal liability of healthcare professionals due to medical interventions, malpractice cases, legal and criminal disputes arising from patient - physician treatment contracts, explicit consent texts, patient consent forms, administrative disputes arising from administrative control of private health institutions, legal consultancy in hospital and laboratory accreditation and inspection processes.