Commercial Law

Your company's operations require a professional perspective.

We can provide legal consultancy on issues that require expertise and competence such as company establishment procedures, foreign or domestic companies' branch opening operations or liaison office operations in Turkey, the preparation of article of association and share purchase agreements, preparation of sale, purchase, procurement and transportation contracts, capital increases and decreases, mergers and acquisitions, composition, postponement of bankruptcy,restructuring, liquidation of the company, management of unfair competition processes. Upon your request, we can also provide support as informing your company about the innovations and changes in the legislation related to trade, and giving an opinion on the compliance of your company's commercial business and transactions with Turkish Law in terms of protecting your company's interests.

In addition, we can negotiate your company's international legal disputes effectively in English and Spanish languages, focusing on your interests, and provide legal consultancy in English and Spanish. We are at your service in English and Spanish contract translation, contract preparation and review of ready contracts.