Penal Law

Criminal Law is an area where many issues are examined in order to ensure social order. It serves the purposes such as protecting the rights and freedoms of individuals, eliminating injustices like defamation or misunderstanding, or ensuring public order and security protecting the rule of law, and preventing crime.

However, during a criminal investigation or prosecution, you may be in a position where you should not be, you may be accused. You deserve the best defense both in police station and in courts. What could be more valuable than your freedom? Effective defense is everything. It is very important that all evidence in your favor is meticulously collected and presented to the court in writing by a lawyer.

If you are a victim, it can be difficult to express your grievance. How will a criminal complaint be made? Will you have to face the other party? Especially if you think that there is no evidence in your favor in the incident that happened, you may be afraid that you will have trouble expressing yourself and that the truth will not be revealed just because of this reason. Do not be afraid. There is definitely a point that you do not notice. Accused or victim, we are with you until justice is served.