About Us

As Yıldırım Law Firm, we have been at your service since 2016. We mainly carry out our business in İzmir. Our office offers both legal consultancy and litigation services.

Our understanding is to focus on the needs of our clients and to ensure that our relationships are long-lasting and permanent, owing to the quality and fast service we offer them. In order to provide a satisfactory service, we take the responsibility of the work and create the most appropriate solutions.

We aim to be accessible at all times, not only at the filing stage of the case, but also at all legal stages, to inform our clients and to meet their concerns about the litigation process. We help you to manage challenging processes professionally.

Our main difference is that we do not offer a consultancy or litigation service without establishing a solid human relationship and mutual trust with our clients.

It is our sole purpose to be instrumental in fair results.

Ending with the word of Martin Luther King;

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."