Debt Collection

You lent somebody some money, but it is not paid back. You borrowed from someone, you would give it back as soon as the crisis was over, but you have been blindsided; they immediately started the executive proceeding for the debt. Or such a debt never existed... In your commercial business, the check was bad. The negotiable instrument was invalid, its elements were not complete. Your company's insolvency status needs to be evaluated, it may be necessary to declare a concordat to restore the financial situation.

Whatever happened, periods are crucial! Act immediately not to lose your rights.

We provide legal consultancy in debt collection of our creditor clients, protection of rights of our debtor clients, creation of a basis for agreement for the creditor and debtor, executions with or without a verdict, follow-up of promissory notes as check ,bond and policy, attachment, seizure, precautionary attachment, lien, negative declaratory action (determination of no debtor), restitution (buyback) and detinue (claiming ownership), annulment of the objection to execution, liquidation of the pledge and mortgage, complaints about executive process, evacuation of the tenant, collection of unpaid rent, bankruptcy, restructuring and concordat process, follow-up and conclusion of civil and criminal cases arising from enforcement and bankruptcy law.